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Team Parent Survey

The Play Positive™ Team Parent Survey (formerly Season Evaluation Tool), developed in partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance, allows coaches to get feedback from parents on their child’s youth sports experience.

With our free, easy-to-use, online tool youth sport coaches can gain valuable insights into parents’ overall satisfaction and identify areas to be celebrated as well as areas of improvement. By providing a structured and formal process for parents to provide feedback and establishing an evaluation culture for coaches and administrators, organizations find greater cohesion and can create an overall more positive sports environment.

Please note that recipients of a Team Parent Survey will not receive any additional communication from Liberty Mutual Insurance and/or Positive Coaching Alliance except their existing e-mail subscriptions. Email addresses are not stored for any marketing purposes, and your team’s or league’s parents will not be contacted further. We take your privacy and the privacy of your parents seriously. Get started today >>.