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Tools for Athletes

Anyone can participate in sports. Fewer can compete. Fewer still become a Triple-Impact Competitor®, impacting sports on three levels by working to improve oneself,  teammates and the game as a whole. You can get started on the path to becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor using the tools found here,

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  • Developing a Mistake Ritual A Mistake Ritual helps you get over mistakes quickly and get yourself ready for the most important play--the next one. 
  • Making Your School Community Better As an athlete, you have extraordinary power to shape the culture of your school. Here are ideas on how to exercise that power for the greater good.

Finally, PCA invites you to consider applying for our Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarships that honor high-school athletes who demonstrate a commitment to ethics.
Free Coaching Tips E-Mailed Weekly

Free Coaching Tips E-Mailed Weekly

Our season-long e-mailed Talking Points give youth and high school sports coaches key topics to discuss with players to help them become "Better Athletes, Better People."
Triple Impact-Competitor Scholarship

Triple Impact-Competitor Scholarship

Each year, PCA awards scores of  Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarships sponsored by Deloitte. Applications are accepted Jan.-May and finalists are announced in August.