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Impact and Evaluation

PCA training helps develop Better Athletes, Better People!

Qualitative testimonials, such as the video at right, and quantitative studies in the links below reveal the impact of our work. Since its founding in 1998, PCA has:
  • impacted more than 7.5 million youth

  • partnered with roughly 3,000 youth sports organizations, schools, districts, athletic conferences and parks-and-rec departments throughout the U.S. and beyond

  • delivered 13,000+ live group workshops and hundreds of thousands of online courses.

Surveys of workshop attendees ranking their experience on a 1-5 scale show averages of:

  • workshop content=4.5
  • PCA Trainer leading the workshop=4.6
  • Likelihood that attendees will use PCA Tools shared in the workshop= 4.5

  • Reports on impact and evaluation are highlighted below.
Dean Ayoob, Athletic Director at San Mateo, Calif.'s Junipero Serra
High School, describes PCA's impact on school culture.

The Influence of Positive Coaching Alliance on Coaches, Communities and Youth: Evaluation Findings
(External Report from See Change, Inc.)
(Download full report >>)


  • Organizational leaders (including program directors, coaches, and educators) universally reported that partnering with PCA enhanced the culture of their organizations.
  • Leaders noted that the PCA workshops continue to be a benefit, year after year, and all indicated a desire to continue their partnership with PCA.
  • School-based leaders told stories of improved relationships with teachers, and of athletes who used PCA tools to their benefit in the classrooms and hallways.
  • Parents trust organizations more upon learning that PCA is a pre-requisite for coaches.

Attitude and Behavioral Changes in Dallas Independent School District Middle-School Athletes
(External Report from See Change, Inc.)
(Download full report >>)


  • 88% believe their sports potential can grow and is limitless
  • Of those, 76% report that PCA influenced that belief.
  • 79% agreed with the statement “I treated my opponents better” (than before the PCA training)
  • 72% believed their sportsmanship improved following training
  • 67% felt their treatment of officials improved after training.

Evaluation of PCA Online Coach Courses for Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
(External Report from See Change, Inc.)
(Download full report>>)


  • 96% of trained coaches believe the PCA training gives them the tools to help their players get better at their sport
  • 95% of trained coaches believe the PCA training gives them the tools to get their players to support each other and work together as a team
  • Two-thirds of trained coaches use PCA tools "most of the time" or "always"
  • Approximately 90% of trained coaches would "probably" or "definitely" recommend PCA training to other coaches.

Survey of Coaches Trained through Boston CHAMPS
(External Report from Mendelsohn, Gittleman & Associates, LLC)
(Download full report >>)


  • 84% of coaches reported PCA training impacted them significantly
  • 95% would recommend PCA training for coaches.