Lucid Performance

Lucid is an app that delivers mental training so athletes can unlock their full potential in the face of pressure. Mental strength is an integral part of performing at your best. We provide access to the same mental training as professional athletes.

Lucid’s coaches George Mumford and Graham Betchart have trained hundreds of elite athletes and teams over the past two decades. Notably, George served as the mental skills coach for the Chicago Bulls in the era of Michael Jordan and for the Los Angeles Lakers, working with Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant. Graham has worked with many of our younger professional athletes, including Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic and Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets. These athletes, coaches, and teams swear by the competitive advantage mental training has provided, and how it’s improved their game.

Our mental skills coaches design each workout to deliver the training you need to succeed in only 5 minutes per day. The curriculum is built to take you through over 1,000 different workouts to train your mind with proven performance training techniques. Mental training is just like physical training: in order to get stronger you have to do the work. So get your reps in each day with your MC, your Mental Coach.

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