Alegra Aguayo

Hamilton High School: Soccer


Eddie Hertsenberg - Varsity Girls Head Coach Hamilton HS

I’m writing to express my wholehearted support for Alegra’s application to PCA’s Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Program. As Alegra’s High School Soccer Coach for the past 3 years I have seen first hand her ability to improve herself, improve others, and her commitment to respecting and honoring the sport she loves. I know that Alegra has the qualities of a Triple-Impact Competitor.

Alegra is a very competitive young lady which in turn pushes her to get better every day. Her approach and attitude towards training is always positive. She is focused on the quality of the training sessions just as much as the coaches are. This has not only allowed Alegra to grow tremendously as an individual player and person but it has pushed her teammates and team to the next level. Her commitment to becoming better and achieving greatness is also an example of her commitment to honor the game and make the sport better. She enjoys the sport and understands that utilizing her gifts as an athlete and a person to be successful is also about respect for the game and respect for herself.

As a current Junior, Alegra came to me and presented ideas and standards for the High School Soccer Program that will improve herself, the team, and the overall program during her Senior year. Alegra has the qualities and leadership attributes of a ‘Captain’ and has already stepped up to perform as such even before officially becoming one. She has expressed to me her want to participate and lead ‘Summer Workouts’, she wants every one of her teammates to participate in ‘morning workouts’ when the season starts, and she has shown her own personal excitement towards the program and her Senior season that is has created a program wide ‘buzz’ about the upcoming season and year. That has contributed to a great culture in the program in the past and will provide a great base as Alegra goes into her Senior year.

Alegra is the definition of ‘Student-Athlete’. She is a scholar athlete, she has a 4.0 GPA (unweighted) and is a great student in the classroom and on campus. She helps other teammates in their studies and I recall her having active tutor and study sessions with teammates on road trips and during the season. She is constantly in pursuit of excellence and in no doubt in my mind makes DAILY positive contributions on all three levels of a Triple-Impact Competitor.


Alegra is a Triple-Impact Competitor in many ways she makes oneself better but not only working her hardest at each and every practice but she does extra stays after to work on the things she to she is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. I can first hand say she makes teammates better she was my teammate my senior year of highschool and I struggled a lot that year because I wasn’t one of he most skillful players. But she took it soon her to make me feel confident and any playing time I got she made sure that she cheered for me the whole time. Which gave me so much cofindence and happiness which led to me having the confidence to be able to score a PK in the state championship.She makes the sport better because she brings so much love for the game on to that field she truly loves soccer and will do anything to be able to play it. She loves her teammates and that spreads and makes the experience so much better it makes everyone apart of he game so much happier. She is an amazing human and an outstanding player if anyone deserves this it is truly her.

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