Seth Chun

Chandler High School: Swimming



Seth is a highly self-motivated student athlete who welcomes challenges and constantly seeks to improve himself. In addition to his rigorous training schedule, he is on the International Baccalaureate program at Chandler High School with a 4.8 GPA. He is an accomplished swimmer with a National Age Group record, over 15 Arizona State Records and earned the title of All American Scholar. He believes in goal setting and visualization. A very good example is when he was 12 years old, he set a goal of breaking the National Record in the 200M fly. He wrote 2:14.14 on his whiteboard and visualized every night. He amazingly tied the National Record with a time of 2:14.14! Seth has consistently showed dedication in his practices by not backing down from challenge sets and pushing himself to the next level. He is disciplined in eating healthy. He is focused on his goals and makes sacrifices for it. Seth is very well respected on his team because of his excellent work ethics and humility.  His ability to encourage his teammates to work together and give each other feedback on being a better swimmer. He is also someone his teammates can count on. There was a specific moment where a swimmer was struggling with a shoulder injury. She was feeling discouraged because she could not swim. Sethreached out to encourage her and provide support. This gesture showed his teammate that someone cared and helped her pursue her dreams. Now, she is swimming for a D1 school. Though swimming is often seen as an individual sport, I have been impressed with Seth’s ability to be a positive team member. I am proud that his teammates have voted him team captain. Seth has great respect for the sport of swimming. He is one of the hardest worker in the pool and dryland exercises. His dedication in his sport has motivated other teammates to work hard too. They race each other during practices bringing out the best in everyone. It is evident when CHS relay team made up of 3 Freshmen came in 4th in the Arizona High School Championship!  Another commendable quality I witnessed in Seth is he would always congratulate his competitors for a good swim though he may have had a disappointing swim. He would not only congratulate others but take the time to console a swimmer who had a bad swim. He displays great sportsmanship which is evident from the high regards of his peers.

I strongly believe that Seth is the perfect candidate for the 2017 Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship because he consistently displays all the qualities that this scholarship is seeking. Seth is a focused, well-disciplined and dedicated student-athlete who is constantly looking to better himself, the sport of swimming and being a better teammate.

Michael Swain – Coach, Pitchfork Aquatics

Seth does not cut corners in practice or find ways to cheat. He seeks to do everything he can to make himself and those around him better. He is seen after nearly every race shaking his opponents hand and complimenting them win or lose. He is respectful of his opponents while still able to maintain a very competitive attitude. He is respectful of the officials, he recognizes them and their responsibility to call the game as they see it. He is not argumentative with them. The respect he has for his teammates and coaching staff is fantastic. Seth is a team player whose kind and positive attitude make everyone around him better.I highly commend Seth for the Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship. His passion for what he does by his remarkable level discipline, his leadership ability, and his love for the sport guided by the ROOTS of honoring the game make him a gift to be able to coach. This is why Seth Chun is a Triple-Impact Competitor.

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