Jessica Roskelley

Deer Valley High School: Basketball, Cross Country, Track & Field



I have been Jessica’s teacher in Power Training and Coach in track for the past 2 years. (Personal Mastery) Jessica responds well to authority. She does what is asked of her and finishes her workouts. She will perform any lift or run any interval asked of her and do it at a high level. She runs the hardest events on the track(400/800) and usually does so 3-4 times a meet. She runs every race hard and is always trying to improve her times. She is very coachable and corrects issues when coached to do so. (Leadership) Jessica often helps teammates who are struggling in a workout. Today, for example, she jumped in and did an extra interval to help a teammate(her sister) make the time and finish. She wasn’t asked, she just did it. She is willing to take on any role asked of her and any leg. She is positive and very caring to others when they need support. She is an advocate for others when they need help. She is a leader on the team. (Honoring the Game) Jessica is quick to help others, even those on other teams. It is not uncommon to see her talking to her competitors after a race and giving a high five. She always plays with respect and is an honest player. She is the last person of which I would ever expect to cheat or be unsportsmanlike. She has good values and comes from a good family. One thing that I am really impressed with is that she has been a 3 sport athlete for the past 2 years. She never missed practice and isn’t afraid to do the extra it takes to succeed. For example, I asked her to complete and extra workout tomorrow morning before school and she didn’t bat an eye. She said, I’ll be there. I wish more of my athletes had her morals and attitude.


To be a Triple Impact Competitor is the epitome of what Jessica Roskelley resembles. She conveys these attributes each day at practice, and in each meet/game she is involved in. Being a teammate of Jessica Roskelley, in both cross country and track and field, I see many sides of her that others in her class don’t get to see. In each practice, day after day, Jessica is constantly pushing not only to make herself better, but her teammates as well. She is always striving to hit her goal times during a workout, and encourages everyone else to do so too. Jessica ins’t afraid to push herself and go beyond what is asked of her. She isn’t afraid to hurt in practice to get to where she needs to be at the track meets.

Also, I have had the pleasure of running with Jessica on the 4×800 meter relay. She is always supportive of each and every one of us to give it our all on the track and never give up. She is always shouting positive, encouraging words to us in the middle of the race, and after the race, she is there right at the finish line to high five each of the four of us and give us a hug. She leads each of us in example of how to be a great teammate and how to work hard each day, and never throw in the towel, or go down without a fight. I don’t think there has ever been a day Jessica hasn’t complimented me or lifted up my spirits in some way. Whether it be in the weight lifting class we have with one another, or out on the field during track practice. She pushes me to work hard, then is there to congratulate me after for giving it my all, just as she has taught me to do.

Jessica is constantly improving the sport of track and field, and just running in general. With her dedication and determination, she gives running a whole new meaning. Instead of it becoming a burden, as it is to many, she finds all the positives within it. Before each workout, she has a positive attitude, which in turn changes the negativity around her. Track Field wouldn’t be the same without her. Jessica Roskelley portrays each level of a Triple Impact Competitor with her personal mastery, leadership skills, and her honor towards the sport. No other teammate of mine could hold this position as well as Jessica Roskelley. She deserves the recognition she should get and is in every way an athlete that deserves this scholarship opportunity.

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