Leroy White

M.S. Candidate, Sports Product Management, University of Oregon

Leroy White is currently a masters’ degree candidate in Sports Product Management & Science program with the University of Oregon. Mr. White was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. Throughout his early years he was involved in many volunteer service opportunities where he concentrated his effort on his passions of mentoring and community service. He spent his remaining time engaging in different sports such as baseball, football, soccer, track, and swimming. Leroy is a graduate of the illustrious Morehouse College, here he earned his bachelors’ degree in Business Administration with a focus in marketing and sales. During his time at Morehouse he sought involvement in global studies programs, he has traveled to Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and was involved in several business strategy programs with companies such as Ferrari and Geox. He has also led community and sport focused initiatives through a cultural exchange program throughout Havana, Cuba.

Mr. White was fortunate enough to work for the one of the biggest sport industry companies throughout his time in college, Nike. His time with Nike was well spent considering his experience; Leroy was the only American chosen to represent Nike and the United States in 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as an Olympic Torchbearer.

After completing his masters’ degree, Leroy plans to pursue a career in product or brand marketing within the sports product industry. Immediately after solidifying his career within the sports industry, he plans to expand on his passions of mentoring and service by starting and leading various community driven programs and initiatives in his hometown of Columbus, Georgia.

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