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4 Tips For First-Time Coaches From A Double-Goal Coach® Award Winner

by Wendy Weiss


To be rewarded as a Double-Goal Coach was both an extremely exciting and humbling moment.  First of all, to know that so many of my present and former players thought enough of me and the values that I had tried so hard to instill in them during their short time with me was heart-warming.  Throughout my coaching career I feel I have grown in so many ways, and it is all due to the relationships I have built along the way with players, parents, and colleagues.  Here are a few tips I'd like to share with other coaches who are still early in their coaching careers that might help them along the way in this very rewarding profession.

1.) Remember that winning is not always determined by the scoreboard. It is important to celebrate those little victories that often occur day in and day out.  For some teams or players, their abilities may be limited, but improving and understanding one's role and embracing that role on the team in the grand scheme of things is sometimes more rewarding than a win.

2.) Set high expectations and hold your athletes to these expectations.  The results will be mind-blowing.

3.) Let your athletes and parents know that you are invested in them and the program.  This not only helps the confidence of individual players, but also the confidence that the players and parents have in each other and the team as a whole.

4.) Remember to have fun! At the end of the day you want this to be an enjoyable experience for each player involved.  You want your athletes to look back on the time they spent with you and their teammates with a smile on their face. Rarely will they remember the scores of the games, or the specific details of the season, but they will remember the bus rides, the conversations, and the true feeling of "family" that their team gave them.

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Wendy Weiss is a softball coach for the Caldwell ISD Hornets in Caldwell, TX. She was a winner of the 2016 Double-Goal Coach Award presented by TeamSnap.

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