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Grit And Good Music: Lessons From An Evening In Central Texas


The Central Texas community was treated to Good Food and Good Music for a Good Cause at “Deep in the Heart of Sports”, the chapter’s 1st fundraising event held on June 8, 2017 at the beautiful University of Texas Golf Club.  Hosted by 104.9 The Horn’s Erin Hogan, the evening was full of inspiration, enlightenment, and entertainment!

Jim Thompson kicked off the event challenging attendees to become “Elevaters”, raising the level of the culture and environment around them.

To personify what it means to be an “Elevater”, Trey Hardee and Dr. Fiona Asgibee were honored with awards celebrating their commitment to competing with class and improving the culture around them.

Hardee, a World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist in the heptathlon, struggled during what should have been the height of this athletic career. "I was at the Olympics," he said. "I should have been having the time of my life, but I wasn’t." A recommitment to enjoying competition and the process of improvement allowed him to succeed in the 2012 Olympics.

Asigbee, a Big 12 Champion in the heptathlon, proved the power of perseverance telling her history of being ranked #1 in the USA but failing to qualify for the Olympics because of an injury.  She relies on the memory of her commitment to "finish" even today, as she works as a Nutritional Science postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas researching ways to prevent childhood obesity.

Karen Aston, University of Texas Women’s Basketball Coach, and Kevin Millar, World Series Champion and host of MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk”, headlined a powerful panel discussing the importance of leadership on the sidelines and in the clubhouse.

Coach Aston, a passionate competitor, spoke of leading with actions and setting an example.  Last season, Texas fell short against their rival when a shot was missed.  Aware of how her reaction was being watched by her players, she was controlled, measured, and even had a little smirk when the ball bounced off the rim as the buzzer went off.  “Had I reacted differently, I don’t know what the rest of the year and what the rest of that child’s year would have been like,” Aston said. “I had a lot of people tell me that that was a surprising reaction. That’s the leadership part that you have to learn as a coach. I’m a work in progress at all times.”

Millar has always been a grinder and leader.  His belief in himself and determination to improve allowed him to go from a Los Angeles Junior College to celebrating his Red Sox breaking an 86-year Championship drought.  All the while, he kept enacted his core values of everyone being treated with respect and having a good time.  Those values are useful at any level. “I tell the kids I coach there is a difference between you and the MLB guys, but the game is the same.”

The night was capped off by special musical guest, Jack Ingram, giving an awesome acoustic performance.

“Deep in the Heart of Sports” would have never been possible without the sponsorship support of Tapeats Fund, Volente Insurance Partners (VIP), National Wholesale Life Financial Distributors (NWLFD), SureID, and 104.9 The Horn. Organizations like these allow kids to stay in the game!

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