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Pushing Through Tough Times, From PCA Staff Member Taylor Lydon


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NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball @ Chico State (CA)

Multi-sport athlete growing up: Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country for one glorious season

Tell us a story about an extraordinary achievement you've had in sports.

In high school I won 4 straight varsity section titles, I believe to this day one of the only athletes from Chico High School to do so. I won a conference title and reached the D2 Sweet Sixteen in college.

How has being a woman playing sports affected your life?

It is hard for me to put into words how being a female athlete has affected my life because I think I am still feeling that impact every day, as I continue to define what being a woman means to me. The one characteristic I do keep coming back to that I think sports helped to build within me is confidence. Confidence is something that can easily waiver throughout your life, depending upon the adversity and hardship you may be dealing with, but whenever these bumps in the road rise I always come back to moments in my sports career where I overcame.

I don’t go back to the successes; when I hit a game-winning shot or put my name in the record books, but to the monotonous moments. The practices, the conditioning sessions, the stressful finals weeks when I felt inadequate or lesser and I began to doubt myself. Those are the moments I replay in my head when I have a stressful workday or begin to question the decisions I am making as I move throughout my adult life. I always try to remember that I cried for days on end after of training session during my freshman year of college and almost walked away from basketball, the game I love. Thankfully, I stuck it out, because now when I have the urge to quit something in my life I can think back to those brutal sessions; lifting, sprinting, running shell drill for 30 minutes straight (I still have nightmares!) and know that if I push through I will be stronger at the end. I have overcome feeling like my legs cannot run any farther, like my brain cannot keep track of my English final notes and the scout for this weekends games. So now when that fearless old friend, self -doubt, starts to speak up I have the confidence to move forward, to bounce back from a mistake and keep pushing on. So, as I said, I can’t really put into words the impact sports, specifically being a female in sports, has had on my life because I am still motivated it by it every day. I can put into words how grateful I am to have made life long friends, had the opportunity to play in front of my family for many years, and have the confidence to push through self-doubt.

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