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Q&A: Getting To Know KU Strength Coach Andrea Hudy


Andrea Hudy, the Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Performance at Kansas University, joined the Kansas staff in September 2004. Since her arrival at KU, Hudy has handled the strength and conditioning responsibilities for the KU men’s basketball team. Hudy oversees the Anderson Strength and Conditioning Complex for all KU sports. 

Read this brief Q&A Below:

Q: Describe one day in your life. 

A: I have a pretty set routine when I wake up - I walk my dog, then make coffee and make sure to eat breakfast. As soon as I get to work first thing in the morning I respond to emails and begin my administrative duties. My administrative duties include our intern development, overall staff development, staff meetings, and administrative meetings. After that I will check in with sport coaches to make sure everything is running smoothly. Then I’ll make sure to workout myself. After that I spend time preparing for the lift with the men’s basketball team and head to practice from the lift.

Q: You have spent much of your professional life at UCONN and Kansas figuring out the best way to help athletes reach their potential. What have you found are the most successful ways?

A: You have to get really get to know your athletes and understand what their goals and intentions are. It’s important to develop a relationship where there is trust and consistency. We are on a 46 week program, where they are in the training with me 4-6 times a week, which is about 230 contacts a year and with that number of contacts it allows me to develop that relationship and get results.

Q: You have been a part of nine national championship teams in your career. What are three keys to a championship culture?

A: Consistency, Competition, Perseverance.

Q: What does positive coaching (in the weight room) mean to you?

A: To me this goes back to forming that relationship and having consistency with the athletes. Here, we are a results-based organization, not just time-based. To get those results there has to be constant feedback and correction, but the feedback and correction have to be positive. It being positive helps the athlete receive and be open to the feedback and information you're giving them.

Q: What athlete that you've worked with in your career most embodies a Triple-Impact Competitor®: Making themselves better, their teammates better, and the game itself better.

A: Most recently, Frank Mason III and Josh Jackson stand out to me as embodying the Triple-Impact Competitor mantra.

Q: What is something most people would find surprising about your role at Kansas?

A: Most people would probably be surprised about my supervisors and the relationship that I have with them. My supervisors include the administration, the sports medicine team, the sport coaches, and most importantly the athlete. At the end of the day, I as a coach answer to the athlete, and that is why it is crucial to build that trusting, positive relationship with them.

Q: Favorite book?

A: Legacy, by James Kerr.

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