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Those PCA “Ads” on the Radio


Heard PCA Mentions on the Radio?

Whether during our workshops or through social media exchanges, occasionally our mission and messages are challenged, creating an opportunity for constructive dialogue that we welcome and embrace. One such recent exchange on Twitter led to a positive and somewhat surprising turn of events. 

A fan watching a ballgame this past summer took to Twitter to comment on the content of a public service announcement (PSA) for Positive Coaching Alliance, which aired during the game as part of PCA’s partnership with FOX Sports Supports. See Mike's comment below our tweet.

Within days of the Tweets, @MikeHaake phoned PCA directly explaining that the Tweets prompted him to look further into PCA. Upon further review and based on what he learned, in his role with the Total Traffic and Weather Network (TTWN), he told us he would be willing to offer PCA free radio mentions!

And so, despite Mike’s initial reaction to the spot, the resulting exchange of Tweets not only changed his perception of PCA but also led to:

  • The donation of free PSAs for Positive Coaching Alliance that are running on stations across the U.S.
  • Even more people being introduced to PCA around the country who, like Mike, are reaching out to learn more and ask how they can get involved.

The nature of this arrangement precludes PCA from knowing when, where, or how often the radio PSAs run, so at sporadic unpredictable times throughout the U.S., you may hear something like, “Traffic brought to you by Positive Coaching Alliance,” or a fuller 10-to-15-second announcement mentioning our mission and web address. If you hear one of these announcements, please drop us a line letting us know the station you were listening to, the date and time, and whether you heard just a brief mention or a full 15-second explanation of PCA with our web address.

Thanks to FOX Sports Supports and TTWN for vastly expanding awareness of PCA!

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