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Working Together To Promote Safer Coaching


Verified Volunteers & Positive Coaching Alliance

Safety & Security Are A Top Priority

All of us at Positive Coaching Alliance know the importance of our mission – to transform the youth sports culture into a Development Zone® where all youth and high school athletes have a positive, character-building experience that results in Better Athletes. Better People. Coaches play a big role in helping carry out this mission, but before you let any coach walk through your door, it is important to think about the overall safety and reputation of all those involved.

Positive Coaching Alliance, alongside our valued partner, Verified Volunteers, have come together to promote safer coaching environments. Through this partnership, we can help ensure you are following screening best practices and taking the necessary steps to safeguard your assets, reputation and the dedicated people you serve.

Make More Informed Decisions
Background checks are NOT created equal – Quality and consistency vary widely. Verified Volunteers background checks are the most comprehensive and accurate available.

Compliant Results Quicker - within hours
Our proprietary technologies and integrations with law enforcement databases ensure the fastest turnaround times available for the highest quality checks on the market.

 Remove Administrative Burdens
Verified Volunteers takes the burden off you by putting volunteers in charge of their own screening. They order their check online and can own and control a copy of their background check in a secure volunteer account/profile. Of course, if you want to enter the volunteer data on your own, you can.

 Monthly Updates for Peace of Mind
Other checks are “one and done” – Verified Volunteers provides monthly updates for you free of charge for the first year, so you have the added security of monitoring your volunteers for new criminal records. 12 checks for the price of one.

 Give Your Volunteers the Option to Pay
Preserve your budget by allowing (or requiring) volunteers to pay for all or part of their screening – or asking for an optional contribution. Our clients report saving an average of 40% on screening thanks to volunteer contributions.

 Built-in Compliance
No need to worry about compliance obligations under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). We take care of it for you, providing the required consent and disclosure forms based on your volunteer’s location.

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