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Critical New Partnerships For PCA-Arizona


PCA-Arizona recently established two critical partnerships, one with Great Hearts Academy, and one with Grand Canyon University's Club Sports program. PCA-Arizona is excited to work with both these partners, who will impact thousands of youth and student-athletes as they integrate PCA programs and messages into their culture.

Great Hearts Academy

PCA-Arizona has recently partnered with Great Hearts Academy in Arizona. Great Hearts Academy has 22 schools in the state of Arizona and 11 of which have athletic programs. We are working with those campuses to help improve the culture of sports at each school. Each school is getting 5 workshops incorporating 3 Athlete workshops and 2 coaches workshops with an option to replace one with a parent workshop. All 55 workshops are being primarily funded from the Fiesta Bowl Grant.

Grand Canyon University Club Sports

Grand Canyon University's Club Sports program is the largest in the country at a University level, offering 22 different programs. Their club sports teams compete in established and regulated national organizations and are led by expert coaches who are passionate about helping their players grow athletically and personally. They currently have a new program that offers athletes a chance to take additional classes to get a certificate in coaching, and now a component of that certificate is a PCA workshop!

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