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Impact Story: Impact Beyond Sports


I received a call in my PCA-SF Bay Area office from the Athletic Director of Newark Memorial High School. The Athletic Director began telling me about a phone call she received from a member of the community who observed a group of student-athletes eating at a local breakfast cafe. The man watched a group of Newark Memorial student-athletes pop up out of their booth and rush to the aid of an elderly man who had slipped and fallen. They helped him to his feet and safely escorted him to his vehicle.

The AD went on to tell me she attributed this reaction by her students to Newark Memorials' work with Positive Coaching Alliance. What happened inside that breakfast café is a direct correlation to the impact PCA is having on our school campus.

The man wanted the AD to know how impressed he was with the students.

Due to Newark Memorials work with PCA, the school launched a program called Champions of Character. This is a character leadership development class for all 1,767 students on campus.

Our partnership with Newark Memorial began in February 2014 thanks to a generous grant. If not for this grant, the school may have never been introduced to PCA. After observing two grant-funded workshops, the AD worked with the district, superintendent, principal and booster club to raise the funds to continue partnering with PCA.

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